Di Majo - Apianae.
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Di Majo - Apianae. Moscato Reale Del Molise DOC Grape blend: Moscato Reale 100%. Ageing and Fining: 1 year in stainless steel vats and 6 months in bottle.
Serving temperature: 12°- 14°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: This wine has a soft, golden colour with slight amber reflections Taste: It is an rich wine with strong moscato flavour, with distinct sugary residues but a dry aftertaste. Aroma: A fresh and intense bouquet with characteristic hints of orange flowers and zagara honey. Matching A wine for meditation, it is ideal when served with patès, sweetmeats and ripe cheeses.
Alcohol: 2011 Ml. 500: 14.5%
 In the Molise region, wine has traditions dating back to the Sannites and Romans, the first to introduce grape growing. Production methods are those passed down through the generations in the southern Apennines, constantly tied to the farming world. The Masseria Di Majo Norante is located north of the ... read more
Di Majo - Apianae.
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