Livio Felluga - Vertigo
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Livio Felluga - Vertigo Friuli Venezia Giulia IGT Grape blend: Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon Ageing and Fining: Maturation in small barrels of French oak lasted for 12 months. Bottling began in January 2005. The bottled wine is normally aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars for a minimum of four months. Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Intense violet red almost impenetrable Taste: Soft and engaging attack with elegant sapidity and lively and pleasant tannins. Notes of cocoa, raspberry, dates, cumin, Marasca cherry, aftertaste of medicinal herbs recalls the nose aromas. Aroma: Intriguing, fresh and firm. Plum, wild strawberry, moss, lemon flowers, red currant, tobacco and white pepper, balsamic hints. Matching Savoury pasta or rice dishes, grilled or stewed meat, beef, roast pork, lamb and goat, or moderately mature cheeses.

Alcohol: 2014 Ml. 750: 13%
 It is obvious that the story of Livio Felluga and his wines is bound up with the history of this very special land in the north east corner of the Adriatic, where the Mediterranean meets central Europe.
It is a history of ever-shifting frontiers, vanished empires, passing wars and people who have ... read more

Livio Felluga - Vertigo
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