J.Hofstatter - Pinot Nero Barthenau Vigna S.Urbano
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J.Hofstatter - Pinot Nero Barthenau Vigna S.Urbano Alto Adige DOC Grape blend: Pinot Nero
Ageing and Fining: The maturation in oak casks takes place in two phases, each lasting one year. The young wine is kept in small oak casks for one year, after which a uniform blend is made. The wine
is subsequently matured in one large cask for a year, after which it is filled and matured in bottle for a further year in the cellars of the Barthenau manor house before release.
Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Its dark ruby colour. Taste: On the palate it shows excellent harmony with elegant acidity, well-integrated sweet tannins and enormous concentration of aromas. Aroma: Initially it seems somewhat closed on the nose, but then opens up in the glass to reveal its authentic, noble Pinot Noir origins. The aroma reminiscent of sour cherry and raspberry is enhanced by a delicate hint of vanilla and spice. Matching Refined poultry dishes, roasts, first courses with meat sauces and with one of Tyrol's great 'poorman's dishes'- barley soup Alcohol: 2012 Ml. 750: 13.5%
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J.Hofstatter - Pinot Nero Barthenau Vigna S.Urbano
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