Sandrone Luciano - Dolcetto D' Alba
Sandrone Luciano - Dolcetto D' Alba Dolcetto d' Alba DOC Grape blend: Dolcetto Ageing and Fining: In steel until bottling in July of the year following the harvest. Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Red ruby colour with nice violets reflexes. Taste: Is winey, fresh and pleasantly fruity. Aroma: Is dry, pleasantly bitter and harmonic. Matching Serving suggestions: At with light meat dishes but also with the most difficult ones, prepared, in the Piedmontese tradition, with livers, onions, pumpkin, thistle and mushrooms. Alcohol: 2014 Ml. 750: 13%
 The Azienda Luciano Sandrone is dedicated to producing Nebbiolo of the Barolo and Roero zones to the highest qualitative levels possible. Every bottle of Sandrone wine is made with the same careful attention to artisanal tradition, supported by modern techniques and hand labor.
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Sandrone Luciano - Dolcetto D' Alba
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2009 Ml. 750 13 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 9,80
2014 Ml. 750 6 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 12,30
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