Frescobaldi Grappa Di Luce Invecchiata.
Frescobaldi Grappa Di Luce Invecchiata. Grape blend: Sangiovese e merlot Ageing and Fining: Matured in 225-lire Allier oak barriques for three years. Serving temperature: 9°- 17°C. Color: This aged grappa is characterised by a luminous golden tonality, with straw and silver highlights, of exceptional clarity. Taste: The initial impression in the mouth is austere but with an intense concentration that brings to mind sherry, or honey, with a defi nite hint of spice. The development in the mouth brings an impression of baked fruit that recalls nectarines, clove, dried plum, and raisins. The fi nish exhibits exceptional breed and aromatic complexity Aroma: The nose displays fragrances of fruit bread, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey, which yield slowly to nuances of stewed tropical fruit, such as banana and pineapple, and vanilla crème, creating overall a strikingly elegant bouquet. Matching Perfect at the conclusion of a meal, and elegant as an accompaniment to semi-sweet chocolates.
Luce is the result of a project launched in the early 1990s, the fruit of a dream of two leaders in the history of wine, Vittorio Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi. Their common goal was to unite together their individual passionate commitments and their own personal traditions, in order ... read more

Frescobaldi Grappa Di Luce Invecchiata.
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