Mirafiore - Langhe Nebbiolo
Mirafiore - Langhe Nebbiolo Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Grape blend: Nebbiolo. Ageing and Fining: Mirafiore Langhe Nebbiolo ages in big and medium size oak barrels (20-140 hl) for 12 months and then in the bottle for at least further six months. It usually reaches its peak 4-6 years after the harvest, but this period can vary considerably depending on the vintage. Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: The colour is garnet-red with ruby shades Taste: And its nose shows nutmeg, tobacco, dried leaves, mussel, plum and tamarind with traces of withered owers such as rose Aroma: Its sweet and fascinating tannic taste makes the wine velvety and well-balanced, and lingers on the tongue with a very long balsamic aftertaste. Awards: Mirafiore - Langhe Nebbiolo 2008 ml. 750 Espresso bottiglia rosa :
Matching Ideal with avoursome pasta dishes, meats and medium-mature cheeses
Alcohol: 2008 Ml. 750: 14%
 Keeping up a tradition, Barolo Riserva Mirafiore is made blending wines coming from dierent estate vineyards. These vineyards can vary, depending on the characteristic of the vintages. Anyway, blending is made just when the malolactic fermentation is completed. A very long maceration and a few transfers ... read more
Mirafiore - Langhe Nebbiolo
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2009 Ml. 750 1 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 16,20
2008 Ml. 750 5 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 15,70
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