Planeta - Nerello Mascalese Eruzione 1614
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Planeta - Nerello Mascalese Eruzione 1614 Sicilia DOC Grape blend: 100% Nerello Mascalese Ageing and Fining: The wine thus obtained matures in oak barrels for 12 months Serving temperature: 16°-18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Luminous and trasparent ruby-red Taste: This 100% Nerello Mascalese from lava sands presents its tasting strength and extraordinary aromas of incense and herbs, hibiscus and wild fennel. A luminous and lyrical wine which recounts without obstacles the character and refinement of great red mountain wines but at latitudes not far from Africa. The tannins of compact texture are extracted with elegance. Aroma: The sweetness and generosity of wild fruits and currants merges with aromas of incense and beeswax and a light almost salty touch invites one to return to one's glass. Awards: Planeta - Nerello Mascalese Eruzione 1614 2014 ml. 750 Bibbenda : Gambero Rosso Nero :
Matching A wine whose character can allow the most audacious matchings with dishes of similar character. Game, dishes with truffles, fish with complex sauces, cheese and salamis. Alcohol: 2014 Ml. 750: 14%
Planeta - Nerello Mascalese Eruzione 1614
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