Enzo Cocito - Barbaresco Riserva Baluchin
Enzo Cocito - Barbaresco Riserva Baluchin Barbaresco DOCG Grape blend: Nebbiolo Ageing and Fining: Malolactic fermentation and aging take place in medium toast French oak barrels and last 20 to 22 months: during this time decantations are made to clean and purify the wine. When the aging is completed, the wine rests in stainless steel tanks for about three months and then it is bottled. No wine clarification or filtrations are made. Lastly, the aging in bottle for a few years makes the wine ready to be enjoyed. Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulfites Color: Grenade-ruby color. Taste: Full-bodied and well structured with soft tannins and a silky texture, it has a long and silky, persistent finish.
A rare combination of structure and elegance offers great pleasure to the palate.
Aroma: Our Barbaresco is very perfumed, with aromas of ripe fruit, roses and toasty oak Matching Roasts, fine meats, wild meat, overall very savoury dishes. Alcohol: 2009 Ml. 750: 14.5%
Enzo Cocito - Barbaresco Riserva Baluchin
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