Le Macchiole - Scrio
Le Macchiole - Scrio Toscana IGT Grape blend: 100% syrah Ageing and Fining: 20 months in new tonneaux and 25% in 2nd passage barriques Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Deep ruby red and deep Taste: The palate is round and acidity that characterizes the vine is mixed with the sweetness of the tannins. Hints of mint and eucalyptus. Aroma: One senses that this wine was born in an area with a Mediterranean climate for its strong spiciness. The balsamic note is very persistent. Awards: Le Macchiole - Scrio 2013 ml. 750 Bibbenda : Vitae Tralcio Rosso :
Matching Roast kid and grilled meat. Alcohol: 2013 Ml. 750: 15%
 Le Macchiole was founded in 1983 on the desire of Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli to turn their passion for wine into their life dream. It was a revolutionary project rooted in their hometown of Bolgheri, at the time not as famous as now. The idea was simple but decisive: to originate in the vineyard, ... read more
Le Macchiole - Scrio
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2013 Ml. 750 1 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 94,40
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