Frescobaldi - Giramonte Magnum Cassetta Legno
Frescobaldi - Giramonte Magnum Cassetta Legno Toscana IGT Grape blend: Merlot e sangiovese Ageing and Fining: Barriques. Length of maturation 16 months in new barriques and 6 in bottles Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Colour of a clear, bright ruby with slight purple shades Taste: Soft, voluminous and captivating, in the mouth it develops its full potency thanks to a dense tannin structure. The finale is sharp and persistent. Aroma: The ample bouquet combines intense fruity aromas of blueberry and black cherry with discreet spicy notes of black pepper and anise. Intriguing hints of toasted hazelnut and coffee endow this wine with a unique complexity. Matching Ideal with all roasts, grills, and barbecues, and with sautéed fillets of beef, but try it with delicate cheeses as well. Alcohol: Frescobaldi - Giramonte Doppia Magnum Cassetta Legno 2005: 14.5%
 700 Years of wine history
The history of the Frescobaldi family starts over a thousand years ago and is closely connected with the history of Tuscany. At the high point of medieval Florence, the Frescobaldis spread their influence as bankers, earning the title of treasures to the English crown. A ... read more

Frescobaldi - Giramonte Magnum Cassetta Legno
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