Frescobaldi - Pomino Rosso
Frescobaldi - Pomino Rosso Pomino DOC Grape blend: Sangiovese (65%-70%) canaiolo e/o cabernet franc e/o cabernet sauvignon (15%-25%) merlot (10%-20%) altre (0-15%) Ageing and Fining: French oak barriques. Length of maturatiom 12 months in barriques and 4 months in bottles Serving temperature: 16°- 18°C. Ingredients: Contains sulphites Color: Is ruby-red, brilliant and translucent. Taste: The finish is an unexpected burst of leather and toasty notes of chocolate and coffee. The tannins, silky and vibrant on the palate, give considerable nose-to-palate correspondence. A flavourful and persistent finish. Aroma: The nose is complex and elegant, bringing out intense berry fruits characterized by black currant and raspberry, which fits very well with the fresh hint of mint. Awards: Frescobaldi - Pomino Rosso 2003 ml. 750 Bibbenda : Gambero Rosso :
Matching Pastas with meat sauces, stews and casseroles. Alcohol: 2003 Ml. 750: 12.5%
 700 Years of wine history
The history of the Frescobaldi family starts over a thousand years ago and is closely connected with the history of Tuscany. At the high point of medieval Florence, the Frescobaldis spread their influence as bankers, earning the title of treasures to the English crown. ... read more

Frescobaldi - Pomino Rosso
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2003 Ml. 750 4 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 8,10
2004 Ml. 750 8 2 - 3 day C.E.E. / 4 - 8 day Extra C.E.E 14,80
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